Vanished Layers of Illuminated Skin by Priyanka Banerjee

Where shall I search for my another self, a reflection of my bone marrow,

Shadows of pain, sorrow !

The morning Ragas touch my golden stream of feminine consciousness.

Flesh fades away in the world of silent grandeur, laughter, neutral bliss,

Loveless world of burnt up corpses,

Bourgeoining branches of bleeding Summers !

The mermaids are floating upon freezing water,

Resisting the waves with their blue, blue breasts !

The Wave’s urge intensify solemn surge

Of cold bodies,

Fiery Souls –

The collapsing grey, distant sky peeps through the prisoner’s blank eyes,

Waiting for the last, last kiss

In the stolen land’s hidden caves –

Warm yet tired !

Epiphanic lust for power or the bower

Of love !

Harmony of hormones or union of the Ragas with veins, pores, cells

Merged with passion !

Rhythm of bodies dragging Cosmos.

Not to be afraid of loss, loss, loss

In the world of love, guilt, sinless sins, boldest leaps,

Innocent beliefs,

Vanished layers of illuminated skin –

Garlands fail to adore the lies, promises, half true words, untrue sighs,

Boldest glances

That the raped victim defies

In moments of frenzy !

Loved body or the raped soul ?

Who adores whom in the world of Third eyes, beating drums, insane beasts,

Tempest of lust ?

My pregnant beloved stands alone

With the restless infant in her womb

And scars of truth on her swollen lips –


Robbed her off ties

With her own flesh.

Let my Beloved wake up from her deepest slumber

In the silent world of painless anguish

And feminine insolence.

She is merciless tonight !

Who dares categorize her ?

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