The Bitter Leaf By Mutiu Olawuyi

exacum, indian violet, bitter leaf-5362110.jpg

I’ve learned to know that every tongue

is formed to taste the right and wrong;

I’ve had to live with witty words:

Our ears are built for plus and odds…

For my eyes have seen beyond my nose

And my nose has smelt some filthy holes…

On my trip to hunt for paradise

As my soul is lived on rolling dice…

On my trips I’ve tongued some raw honeys…

At some point I’ve heard enough sorries

for the pains I got from galoped roads

And the bites of bees in many folds..

I’ve had to sing my songs within

For I’ve lived with sheep in wolf’s clothing…

I have toiled a lot for many souls;

In return they dig some muddy holes

for my legs to slide and fall and break;

For my soul to sleep and never wake …

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