Dear Birmingham by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Dear Birmingham, the future is green

That is why we plant for the harvest.

Gold, silver and bronze aren’t our problem,

That’s why we left some behind.

Dear Birmingham, our wealth is not common

That is why we record, break and record all over again.

You see the anthem we sing, and the tears we shed

The rhythm, wordings and sounds

They are heroic and legendary

Because and hence, the labour of our heroes past, never shall be in vain.

Birmingham dear, we do not speak English

Listen and hear, hear us well and deep

Ponder and meditate, we speak pain and agony.

Birmingham dear, no wealth is common

We pull our soul, and drag our spirit

Our root is higher than the roof, go and find out.

Dear Birmingham, medals trouble us because we wail and weep

Medal of honour, medal of lane, medal of speed, medal of valor, medal of strength; all cause us tears.

Did you know we could have won more?

O dear Birmingham, the cruise is with mixed feelings. Cruising and cracking.

See our girls, flying like they wanted to throw missiles

Our girls lifting weights like ocean sailing vessels

And our boys melting muscles,

Birmingham, our wealth is neither common nor rampant.

Mention the game, we are there. Against odds.

Teeming gifts, raw talents, overflowing brains

Birmingham, please knock on our door

My mother has unbridled nature.

Knock, my brothers are numberless

Knock, please, my sisters are numerous

They wait for the hands of time, fading into oblivion without announcement or celebration,

Birmingham, beautiful city, come harness our talents. 

Our land is green, don’t let it die.

Discover us, honour us, reward us, gold and silver is not our problem.

Dear Birmingham, this uncommon wealth is wasting

Rare breeds of natural resources, drying up

Species of royal gifting dwindling and fading away. I am tired and scared.

Dearest Birmingham, commonwealth of nations, our land is fertile. We are agile, not sterile.

Dear Birmingham, if you are a Big Brother, go find your younger ones, come get the little fold.

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