Several poems by Surya Keerthy

Blood rain in the flower garden!

Blood is pouring

Everywhere here and there

The rain of blood.

One to the other

Singing the slice of blood!

In his face, in his face

Except for the blood laughter

There is no laughter of the flowers.

Humanity is dead faces

In this flower garden

Are smiling.

Rain of poured blood

People who want war

The people who die there

In that garden

The rain of blood is running out.

We cannot live without love!

When the bird flies

Asks for the love of the sky;

Seedlings in the soil

Love the rain when it comes


When the flower grows

Asks for the support of the bell;

When the light of night

Tara, of the stars

Asking for help!

Sea overflow

When hitting the shore

Asks for the proximity of the moon;

Lotus face blooming

Of the sun’s rays


Without being loved

Cannot be changed;

Without being friendly to one another

There is no other way here!

Lord and devotee.

Once the Lord finds it,

As a devout listener!

‘Alas, the Lord is all

Given that, peace is peaceful

No ‘.

In return,

As the Lord said

‘Give up all that is given

Then get it ‘as usual!

The birds that left the nest!

Leave birds nest to fly

Fly everywhere;

From tree to tree, from nest to nest

There are flying

The birds that left the nest!

Their home, yard, nest

There are flying away!

For some rice pulses

There are wandering

The birds that left the nest!

From country to country

From border to border

There are birds that leave the nest!

Traveling Countries

There are birds that left the nest!

Surya Keerthy is a native poet of Tumkur. His poems have been translated into Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Turkish, English, Greek, Telugu etc. Surya Keerthy was originally born in Bettahalli village of Kunigal taluk of Tumkur district.

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