Time Depredation by Suchismita Ghoshal

Time depredation

Blends in the fine silver line

Catching christmas wine

And corruscating through 

The summer strokes phenomenally.

Sultry air soaking the blood of the atmosphere,

Under the air-conditioned cabs

Echoes the nuisance of ravages.

With evaporating sweats,

Evaporates the transmuted love.

Corporate body forgets to know

How emotion formulates

Outside the glassy windows of the office.

Range rovers hiking through 

The rusty and asthmatic roads

While facetiousness takes the lethargic

Attitude down to the shore.

Faultlessness of loving nature

Decodes the fabrications of an orophile.

Rumbling leaves and french kisses

Drain the afflictedness down 

And the hard faces again collapse

And melt, and love, and immerse 

Into each other so fervidly

That time turns them into flower fossils

Again and again, for an indefinite circle of ages.

Author Suchismita Ghoshal hails from West Bengal, India. At the very early age of 24, she has shaped her life in a way where she cuddles with literature and devotes herself into finding peace through love, compassion, learning & community service. With an academic career in science till graduation, she is currently pursuing her masters in business administration ( MBA) from the renowned GD Goenka University in Gurgaon, Haryana. She has also completed her degree ofAdvanced Diploma in Computer Application from Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Center, Malda branch and accomplished a short Diploma course on Media Science and Mass Communication from SMPAi Institute, Kolkata. Besides that, she is a professional writer, published author, internationally acclaimed poet, literary critic, translator(English & Bengali), active communicator, literary influencer, content writing member for WEST BENGAL UNITED NATIONS YOUTH ASSOCIATION, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION OF UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS & HELPING HAND INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION, change-activist & a nature lover. With more than 620 prestigious co-authorship in various renowned national & international anthologies, renowned literary magazines, websites, webzines and eminent literary journals, she fosters her literary career in a more prominent way. In recent days, to nurture her writing skills and spoken abilities, she has been performing in various literary platforms to voice her thoughts in front of a wide audience. Some renowned platforms she has performed are THE FIRST STEP, LAZZAT-E-ISHQ, LIKHON DIL SE, POEMS AND KAHANIYAN ( Considered to be one of the most consistent and popular platforms in New Delhi), UNMUKT OFFICIAL, THE ART LAB Platform etc in India and PURE INK POETRY SLAM, USA, CHEYNNE WRITERS COMMUNITY, USA, VIRTUAL POETRY SHARING BY READING PUBLIC LIBRARY, PATHWAY ARTS OPEN FLOOR READINGS (USA), THE REFORM INN GROUP ( UK, IRELAND & SCOTLAND), STICK FIGURE POETRY QUARTERLY, LET’S UN-MESH LIFE, JUNEETH POETRY SLAM BY BETHEL AME CHURCH, (MONTCLAIR), MINNEAPOLIS POETRY SANCTUARY’S OPEN MIC, THE ARTIST PLACE etc and many more. She has also authored 3 poetry books by the name of “Fields of Sonnet ”, ” Poetries in Quarantine ” & “Emotions & Tantrums”.They are available on the Amazon website. Suchismita has collaboratively worked with Famous Greek Literary personality, Miss. Eva Petropolou Lianoy for collaborative poetry anthology “An Ecstatic Renaissance Between Greece & India Through Poetry” to open up the windows for cultural fraternity, love and respect. She contributes to more than 1300 globally reputed literary groups and famous artistic, aesthetic and creative communities. Her recital videos and audios of her own written poems have been widely broadcasted through televisions, radio stations, literary festivals and book fairs worldwide.

Her poems have been translated into Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bosnian, Romanian, Hungarian & Chinese till now. She has recently been appointed as an international diplomat and change activist for the organization, World Peace & Climate Change Diplomatic Organization, Nigeria.

She has been rewarded with some honorary positions in some prestigious global literary communities. She is the coordinator of India for “Together For Letters” (Argentina), moderator for “Poetry and Literature World Vision” and also the Representative of India in the International Art & Literary Revolutionary Movement “IMMAGINE & POESIA” , ITALY. The Art, Culture and Liberty movement of El Salvador, “Festival of El Salvador, Festival de Teatro : Somos La Resistencia” has made her a prominent part of their revolution, “We are resistance”, International representative of India for Latino-american Youth Program Organization, Argentina. She has been selected as the Indian Co-ordinator for “Together For Letters” group, Argentina. A lot of certificates and newspaper features have accoladed her with a distinctive position. 

Suchismita recently has been privileged enough to brag some prestigious awards and recognitions from different coveted literary councils in different countries. She’s been conferred with 3 prestigious titles of ‘EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’, AMBASSADOR EMERITUS, TRAVELING & PEACE AMBASSADOR positions for CONFEDERACIÓN LATINOAMERICANA DE ESCRITORES ARTISTAS Y POETAS DEL MUNDO organization, registered under UNESCO Paris & co-organised by PATRIMONIO CULTURAL INTANGIBLE DE LA HUMANIDAD by Famous Literary Personality and Director Dr. Héctor Domingo Páez. She has proudly taken a place in the Annual Global Anthology by the IMMAGINE & POESIA community, Italy. Her phenomenal performance has reached to be portrayed with her literary work in DYLANDAY2022 to commemorate the work of Thomas Dylan for the same organization. She is now a registered member under the Ministry of Culture, Birland Government. She is now a proud part of INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF WRITERS AND ARTISTS (CIESART) which is running over 80 countries across the globe.with the prestigious organisational position of INTERCONTINENTAL VICE PRESIDENT OF INDIA.

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