Never Say Forgot by Ranjit K. Sahu

No one remains forever it is true

Even the mighty heavens change colors

Vanish in the morning light drops of dew

Erasing themselves in floral odors.

Rivers vanish into arms of the sea

Snowy peaks melt into rocky terrains

Associations are temporary

Yet formidable they always remain

Floating forever in  memory waves

Of love remain crisp as long as we live

Rising and falling with the moods we have

Growing deeper as we endure and grieve

On commitments, the deep paths of love pave,

Their windy streaks, in the joys that they give.

Ranjit K Sahu is a resident of Charlottesville, VA and is a multilingual American poet  and visual art artist. He writes mostly on nature and human emotions often combining the two elements. He composes  either in  free verse or in defined  patterns. Apart from this he also does freelance articles on society and environment and writes short stories and columns. The above poems are an experimental style combining the acrostic format and features  of a sonnet.

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