Two poems from Nivedita Dey

One for the New Year

All abrupt endings

are man-made. In Nature 

there are never full stops. Only commas, continuum

courting all. In circular awakenings

life lashes the shores of space-time

like in this forgotten dream

your phantom face forever swirling deep 

in the ocean of my dolphin eyes

year after year


Your ‘no’ heartless

the fatal fall of the wintry iron

on the sturdy stem of an evergreen love 

My ‘yes’ mindless

the woodpecker working away

carving out your name nonetheless

on the very root of my memory  

year after year 


Fear doesn’t allow blooming

You in my heart – booming – aloud

Shall I say to you – I just don’t

Comprehend – how on earth

And in a hundred other heavens

All this while and more

You’re continually bursting out on

Every single one of those

Billion branches in my eyes

Blooming confessions of incomprehensible truths –

I do! I do!

I so, so do!

And yet I do not

Say it aloud – will you?

Poet’s Bio

Nivedita Dey is a poet from Kolkata, India. Her work has been extensively published in several International literary magazines, such as Tuck Magazine, Harbinger Asylum by Transcendent Zero Press, The Peregrine Muse by Poets International, Amomancies, Dissident Voice and several other. Her poetry book, Larkspur Lane : Branched Labyrinths of the Mind released in 2021. In this book of hers, she officially introduced and elucidated on a new poetic technique of her own, which she has christened ‘complex open enjambments’.

In 2016, she represented the Indian voice, reading at the International Beat Poetry Festival, West Virginia chapter. She also appeared as a guest reader at various other prestigious literary meets and poetry events.

A double M.A. in English and Psychology, she also fills in the shoes of a content developer, a creative consultant and a screenwriter having several years of experience with some of the major brands in the television and film industry of Mumbai and Kolkata, such as Disney Star.

Her poetic philosophy is one of Hope and Transcendental Humanism. She believes, “However dark it gets, it only makes a stronger case for the eternal and invincible presence of Light. Deep down, I dream of a better, more heart-centered world, and I try to contribute whatever I can to that cause through my poetry and my art.”

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