Prayer for Nothingness (a nocturne) by Dustin Pickering

In all change and growth, say the masters, the mysterious ayin is present.

Rabbi Arthur Green

In my humility, I asked for nothing.

You gave me nothing

and nothing I did receive.

Why do I complain?

Because nothing is empty…

and nothing remains still…

and now even You are nothing

to me.

In heartache I plead:

in dreariness, I anticipate

lovelorn but loveless ways of my heart.

My wearisome eyes are suffering drought.

I am silent now toward the nothing

You became for me.

My silence is wretched, interpret

how you may.

I sleep on thorns I capture.

I devise worms in my soul,

and I seek freedom in illusions.

Lord, I am Hell and You are

without me.

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