Clay Jar by Mr. Han Kyung-yong

100 years of wind blows in a clay jar

An island village that lives on the biting sea breeze

The field he bought after making money selling pots on land.

Sons who did not return from war

Waiting for their daughter who lost her fortune on land

Contained neatly

Barley, millet, beans and a little money

There is a clay jar in the barn that collects the worries of the night sky.

Sweet potatoes that I peeled and ate while listening to the sound of the waves on a lazy night

The taste was as sweet as grandmother's milk.

On the day of monthly payment

To the dark, round sky

They dived upside down and pulled me out.

legend of my childhood

When you go to the backyard, you can see spider webs and broken dishes.

There is a clay jar containing stagnant rainwater.






항아리 속에 100년의 바람이 불어온다

살을 에는 바닷바람으로 살아가는 섬마을

육지로 드나들며 항아리 장사로 사놓으신 밭 마지기

전쟁에서 돌아오지 않은 아들들

육지에서 망한 딸 기다리며

꼬박꼬박 담아놓은

보리랑 좁쌀이랑 콩이랑 쌈짓돈

곳간 속에 밤하늘의 수심을 모은 항아리가 있다

느슨 밤 파도 소리 들으며 깎아 먹던 씨 고구마

그 맛은 할머니 젖처럼 달콤하였다

월사금 내는 날에는

컴컴하고 둥근 하늘로

거꾸로 잠수하여 꺼내 주셨던

내 어린 날의 전설

뒤란에 가면 거미줄 사금파리

빗물 고인 항아리가 있다.


Poet Mr. Han Kyung-yong is a doctoral candidate majoring in modern literature at Hanyang University. He received the New Writer's Award for Poetry (Poetry and Essay) in 2010, and his literary career began with Literary Thought. He has published poetry collections such as Feast for Vincent, Over, 100 Years and 100 Steps of a Female Poet, Landscape with Mackerel, and For Whom Did the Flowers of Gyulim Bloom. He received the Poetry Slam Literary Award in 2020.

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