Rain by Kallol Choudhury

The parched earth is agape 

for raindrops like the bird chatak

Terrible heat of Shrabana has turned life

into lifeless entity.

Everybody is praying for rains.

Atlast when the rain begins to fall 

ceaselessly on the earth  with wafts of wind  

a soothing effect is  felt

by the whole atmosphere.

Serenity comes all over.

The pitter-patter of raindrops on 

the tin-roof gives an impression

of lyre , as if someone is  playing

on it.The creative people begin

creating their pieces one after another.

The cultivators begin ploughing their land

being agog with joy.The dead river gets into 

the life.The lives of people change altogether.

The tree leaves get new life.The birds too 

get into their activities by being drenched.

Sound of falling of raindrops is felt like 

sweet temors of voice.

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