Writer’s Paradise by Priyanka Banerjee

Blue dots define life.

Let us flow through the pores of galaxies,

Like stars, comets, planets, dust.

Let’s get shaped up by  vibrations of creation,

Infinite destruction –

Silent night’s sonorous rhythm  breeds fresh breath,

Heart beat,

Cosmic deluge.

History defends history,

Though passion defies the retreat 

Into the colourless space of mad haste,

Temporal victory.

Annihilated souls  once  fought against perennial unrest.

Liberty of lips, tongue,eyes  awakened the Slumberous frogs from the hybernated  state.

Powerless dictators ruled over the  land of the mass

With sadomasochistic pleasure.

God topples from heaven 

With a passionate urge to taste blue fire.

Coldest ether  aroused  love within Cleopatra’s throbbing veins.

Let me glide into the Paradise of feminine dreams, masculine whims,

Neutral silence.

Galaxies ever remind us

Of the suppression of intense violence.

Who forgives whom

When sinless hearts  crave for the darkest room ?

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