The Rustle Breezes by Michael Ediomo Udo

As The Breezes Rustle

The Peduncle Of


I Wish My Heart Could Chameleon

To Attires To Feed Your Eyes,

As They Say, Seeing Is Believing.

I Wish I could Spell This Red Rose

Just As My Teacher Do My Name Spell

With Your Spirit Accepting It With Ease.

I Wish I Could Make You Believe

The Colour Of My Love

Just As You Believe

The Drops Of Rain

As They Gyrate

And Patter On Your Roof.

Suggest Me, You, Lens,

For Love Illumination?

Even At A Million Dollars Price,

Love Would Buy.

Michael Ediomo Udo, from Nigerian, Schooling at UniUyo of Uyo, Nigeria; A creative prose and poetry persona.

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