Where are you God? by Suryakeerthy

Where are you God?
A gift of fig fruits
Killed under the cover of flowers,
Give banyan fruits
In the latency of the creation of flowers
Rise up!

A bouquet of flowers
The fiery furnace of Missing;
A bunch of jasmine buds
The aroma filled the body!

Fill the sea with water
Embraced by the flames,
A deer leaves a tiger
Isn’t it left for hunting?

Light the night
Tie the night rush to the light
A kite on a needle
What is the beauty of your love that flies?

To beg with pity
Arrest on arrival,
of life in colored leaves
God created where are you?

This earth is a seed!

Suryakeerthy was originally born in Bettahalli village of Kunigal taluk of Tumkur
district, Karnataka state, India. Recognized as a socialist and rebel poet. He is also
a humanist poet. He is working as an eminent professor and orator in Kannada
literature and language at Surana College, Bangalore University. He is also an
environmentalist, researcher, translator, storyteller, essayist, children’s poet. Surya
Keerthy is recognized as a prominent poet of India.
The breadth of rural life can be seen through his writings. His poems have been
translated into Hindi, English, Chinese, Bengali languages. His major works are
‘Chaitrakshi’, and fish-drunken sea, loveless spring, muttuga’s flowers poetry
collections, ‘Bahutva Sahitya va Jalaha’ edited work.
Eight of his poems have been translated into Chinese and published by Dr. Tjemin
Ishan, a professor at the Asian University. Dr. Rajendra Pardesi has translated four
of his poems and published them in a book called ‘Hindi Kavita Ke Saath Swar’.
“Summan Somasekhara Somwar Pete Datti” award given by Kannada Sahitya
Parishad, Allama Kavya award, First work award given by Karnataka government,
“Tathagata Srujan Samman” award given by Uttar Pradesh.
Three plays directed by him “Jalgara, Hena Bhatte and Animal Farm were staged
He is interested in cookery, reading Sanskrit poetry, Buddhist literature, Shasa and
archaeology, reading Halagannada and grammar, theater etc. His reviews, poems,
essays, stories have been published in newspapers such as Prajavani, Vijaya
Karnataka, Varta Bharati, Avadhi, Kendasampige etc.

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