The Tree of Life by Neera Kashyap

The eagle’s eye, aerial and fiery

gazes down from the treetop stretching to heaven

at the outstretched intertwined branches 

of relationships – 

old new burgeoning twisted gnarled.

It observes: 

Their power in the earth of their growth,

decay, death and re-birth.

In the joy and pain of photosynthesis

In the ever-changing seasons of desire and expectation

In the fluctuating winds of love and support

In the winter of sorrow and unfulfillment 

when the mother tree withdraws her nutrients

and rusting leaves add theirs to her roots –

letting go, falling to the ground.

During storms, the eagle sees the drama of our projections;

our loves and hates, 

our recognitions, 

our seasonal withdrawals, 

our assimilations.

Our growing peace when there is no wish for change.

Just an acceptance of creation, its hidden roots of flowing water.

The whole reflective of the light and love of heaven.

The eagle swoops down to carry heavenwards 

the snake hidden in the tree’s aqueous roots

in its powerful talons

wondering if its waters are immortal.

Neera Kashyap has worked on social and health communications. She has authored a book for young adults, Daring to Dream (Rupa & Co.) and contributed to several prize-winning children’s anthologies. As a writer of short fiction, poetry, book reviews and essays, her work has appeared in several international literary journals and poetry anthologies. 

One thought on “The Tree of Life by Neera Kashyap”

  1. I was not expecting the end! I related to every line, then paused and said a prayer for the circle of life happening. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received at a workshop was, when reading someone else’s poem, read it through, then to read it out loud. I swooped with the eagle!

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