The Faceless Tree by Moitreyee Raju

Do you see..

that faceless frame of a tree

standing tall devoid of any identity?

Its leafless, branchless, flowerless, fruitless part…

a shrieking testimony of its tumultuous 


The storm arrived yesterday,

uprooting one and all that came its way;

But somehow spared this faceless tree

allowing it the luxury to die ruthlessly! 

So resemblant is my life

with the faceless tree’s plight.

The green leafy corner of my heart is dried

and the sweet petrichor of love has died.

And now I’m loveless and workless

and am christened worthless.

‘Cause no work kills my worth,

I’m a man, yet reduced to a sham.

No one gives a care about what is fare;

A layman I am

a pawn in this tailor made world I am.

Do you not see… 

the price I pay as a fee?

My pride no more has the shine

it’s been brushed aside by that cruel grind.

I feel hunted and shunted, haunted and taunted..

like a lover just jilted and stunted!

But stop, listen and feel,

It’s that faceless tree’s appeal.

An inner voice that has the poise

of a weak flame that refuses to be slain;

It says, don’t abandon me..

The urge to flourish hasn’t deserted me.

I want to be my old self..

my old robust looking self.

A lush green gulmohur tree was I,

my flavored body, a feast for every eye,

my strong sturdy boughs

often thronged powerful corridors with favoured clout;

Some even reached for the sky

so vigorous and vibrant was I,

my dense green foliage

thrived under my tutelage,

and oh! my those captivating crimson flowers

was an exotic savory in official towers.

Hence, to you I say…

do not rejoice

cause I’ll not leave you that choice!

Very soon I’ll rise like a phoenix in the sky.

This is a never ending tale, that leaves a trail 

for the frail, in pursuit of that Holy Grail!

It’s a tale of a dream and the dreamer,

it’s a tale of me, and those countless faceless workers of those dreams!!

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