The Death Must Be Crazy by Mutiu Olawuyi

Only a heartless heart hit singing kinds

In the midst of melodies made for minds

that rejoice a while after worldly toils

For the bakes of bread and baby’s toys…

If death ain’t crazy at all, why would it wage

Its endless wars on every age?

What could cost the beast to sheath its sword?

Death has failed to sail with Life aboard!

Death has turned its face against our Earth

And has placed contours in every heart…

The crazy death has snatched away

Angelic souls in Adam’s bay!

Death, thou shalt know no peace,

As you bring to earth no ease nor kiss!

One thought on “The Death Must Be Crazy by Mutiu Olawuyi”

  1. Mutiu,

    An outstanding evocative poem


    May I recite this for you?

    simply an audio recitation to accompany this brilliant piece…to further enrich your reader’s experience!!

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