I am Your Poetess by Amrita Valan

I am not a pretty face

But I am your poetess

Unutterable your hurt

I heal with truth of words

Your truth within my blood

Makes its inroads.

The pain you feel judder

Your fulcrum, I must reveal.

My antennae shudder

Against all your

Demon charms.

My words are enchanted

They stand guard.

I write of ways

You make me feel.

I compose you,

To feel your reality.

Against all odds

Apparent front

You put up

Making spirited show,

I see only your uncertainty

Shredded spots of jaded light

Shining through chinks

In your armour.

Your weakness

Never constant,

Wave or

Particle, or both

The wily guile

Of your affectation.

Don’t try to fool

A poet, your amorous gestures

Smack of  tacky sentiment.

Never try to earn her


Don’t try at all.

She only heeds

The Muse,

When it calls.

For she is only pen and ink

Ready to drink, your sorrows

Spear your bleeding sides

Lift your sword up


Over your corpse.

You are her victory

And her vindication

She will to Hades

To rescue the mythic


She has dreamt of.

And her blood so muddied

Blue and black

Her mind so torn through

Time travelling your hell…

Watch your back.

She’s there ever for you

But not in flesh, words

Will always do.

If not for you, she piles


Against you.

Your poetess is not

Your real

Lady love.

She is not even her own.

But only there to feel

The gnawing ache and sorrow

Burning in your bones.

Gnarled ashesyour cremated pain

Her poetry is the stubby remains.

Your remains.

Her blood poundspressure of

Your bone crushing weight

She is speaking likeness

Spitting picture

Of your fate.

In your head, this scheming witch

She is all the blessing that you’ll seek.

For she cries, I am

What I am, a poetess, auror, conjuror

A true mirror.

To my subject I become

Siamese twin, chimera

Of nightmare and dream,

Till the end.

I live within.

I will not deserve your love

Though I imagine I crave it.

Nor shall I desert you,

The one I befriend.

4 thoughts on “I am Your Poetess by Amrita Valan”

  1. Amrita Valan-

    May I have your permission to repost your poem,”I Am Your Poetess” to my Facebook page?

    Your poem is breathtaking and discloses the Sacred Covenant every poet makes, despite our degree of cognition.

    I am in its thrall. Thank you for such incisive illumination. Thank you~

    1. Hi Darrell,

      Thanks for reading. You can share the link to your profile if you wish. Thanks so much for the support.

      Dustin, editor

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