The Most Evil Thing in the World by Amrita Valan

My son James Reuben gave the opening line.

Time is the most evil thing in the world my son said

My bubble has been burst

I said

There’s a hissing

Hidden Thoughts

Eloping with dreams


I scream.

Over time

Water boils

With a cup of tea

A pot emptied

Of today’s emotions

And another

And another

Days in seemingly

Slow motion

The earth

Rotating west

To east

From the end of

Our days to the beginning

While we travel 

In the other direction.

Tea time is over.

Move on to your


Midnight feast

The last orgy.

And then

Time itself is




Without an You.

Freak rays rob my 

Son’s face

Of childhood

At the crucial

Melting point


Of manhood


He has been contemplating

A photo in his hand

How evil ogre time

Vanquished mommy.

But no, 

He kept me well hidden

In his tiny time capsules

Buried in flower pots

His small red and big black diaries

In tiny frayed back pockets

Of his big heart.

Time is evil


We toss it back

On our way out

Of Wonder World.

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