Divine Sparks in Love by Kalipada Ghosh

The celestial Void so miraculous

Cosmic love and beauty

Engages our senses

Morphine  drops of love so passionate

oozing  into irresistible illumination

Serenity in love and light

Ecstasy and heavenly joy

The Galaxy

The twinkling stars bathed in the milky river

The rainbow love in the Setting Sun

reflected on the  mighty ocean surges

A rare celestial beauty.

The moon beams flooding the cosmos and  earth 

A rare Cosmic magical touch

So signifying

So enthralling

The moon-lit night.

Not the intoxicated love

But irresistible magic of magic.

Perfumed love and light

Life full of ecstatic joy

Man and woman 

A bond of ethereal love

Eternal beauty multiplied .

Poor and puny mortal  am I

Mortality and mutability

With heart and soul divine

Soul and eternity

Spiritual fragrance of love

The essence of love

Mingling into the soul.

A delicacy

Timeless love 

Incandescent light

Divine sparks from the ETERNITY and INFINITY.

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