The phenomenon of eclipses and the announcement of the birth of Osiris by Dr. Reda Abdel-Rahim

The ancient Egyptian religious rituals are based mainly on the idea of a deep unity between the natural elements and the gods, and there is no evidence of this from what “Spencer" stated that the ancient Egyptian interpreted the succession of day and night as a struggle between the two gods Hor and set !If the contradiction and contradiction between man and the gods in the pharaonic times was very felt by the Egyptians, nature remained as one of the manifestations of the Gods ,The God can manifest himself in the form of an animal, plant or some earthly element, however, among the natural elements, it is noted that the animal form is preferred, and this also applies to the planets and:

The zodiac circles, since the third millennium, were considered for Egypt as gods, and the Egyptians attributed the organs of the human body to divine selves, and within the framework of magical texts, it is noted that astronomy has played a huge role for human destiny.

Scheduling pointed to the knowledge of the ancient fate of the movement of the path of sunlight in summer and winter. This knowledge is based on the construction of the pyramids in the ancient Egyptian kingdom. And that the ancient Egyptian succeeded in measuring the length of these rays and their shadows, and through this he was able to find out the degree of the right angle.

Some days were defined as happy days or ominous days, but also some parts of the day, or night, and these qualities - good or bad - were also attributed to some mythological events.

During the Roman era, people not only predicted using astrology, but above all the goal was healing, and there was a connection between all this: Stars, People, Plants, inanimate objects.

These beliefs were based mainly on the idea of a close connection between the greater universe and the smaller universe and were often directed to magical practices.

And there were two types of threats that the magician used against the gods: those that trigger the cosmic catastrophes that include the "idea of the end of the world", and then those that threaten the gods with desecration and violation of their sanctity; in order to force them to act. The threats related to the cosmic coups vary in importance, and have existed since the era of"matun Al-Ahram".

In the era of the modern state, the focus was not only on the cosmic coups, but also on their destructive consequences, for example, we find a magic formula aimed at pushing the process of a difficult situation compared to the process of ISIS: O Assembly of the gods who rule the whole country, O Assembly of the Gods based in the palace of Heliopolis, and in Lithopolis, come.ISIS is suffering from her lower back, she is pregnant. Her months have come to an end according to the number of months of pregnancy specified, in her son Horus, the protector of his father, but if she exceeds the specified period without giving birth, you, the gods of the ninth, will stand amazed. Then there will be no more heaven and no more earth, no more extra days for the completion of the year, no more offerings for any god in Heliopolis, the southern sky will be seized by debility, chaos will explode in the northern sky, and sorrow will reign inside the temple!. Also, the sun will never rise and the (flood) barrier will never rise when it should have to arrive on time. Do your job in terms of setting one up like that.

Through the text, it becomes clear to us that the Day of Judgment in the ancient Egyptian thought was represented by the absence of sunshine and the receding of the Nile water. And that the magician has resorted to two methods: direct duplication, where he likens the process of placing that woman to the process of placing ISIS, and then he associates this duplication with a terrible threat to the gods, if it had really happened to overturn the cosmic order.

If we think about how a human "magician" can threaten the gods without being afraid of being exposed to the wrath of the gods and their revolution, the answer comes that he speaks through the mouth of one of the gods, ISIS herself .This practice was also followed during the Greco-Roman times.

Plutarch then details the legendary history of ISIS and Osiris by saying:

Rhea (Nut the Egyptian goddess of the sky) is the wife of Helios(Ra).However Cronus (Geb) was in love with her and she reciprocated his affection .When Ra discovered his wife's infidelity, he became very angry and cursed her, saying that she should not give birth to her child in any month or any year .And now the Curse of the great RA cannot be undone, because Ra is the great of all the gods .In this ordeal, nut called the god Hermes (Thoth), who also loved her. Thoth learned that the Curse of RA could only be undone by a very cunning trick, and he found out finding it with difficulty .He went to Selene, the goddess of the Moon, whose light rivaled the sun itself, and challenged her to a board game.

The stakes for both of them were high, but Selina bet on some of her light, which is the seventieth part of each of her appearances, and lost. And then its light waned and dimmed at certain intervals (the phenomenon of eclipses) so it is no longer a peer and rival to the sun. And Thoth, using the light he took from the goddess of the moon, made five days that he added to the year (at that time the year was three hundred and sixty days), so those days are not considered complementary to the year, nor subsequent to the next year, and do not fall under any month. Thoth joined her to the lunar year, which is the five days of women, and so nut had a time space for her fetus to come out outside the time set by Ra, and on these five days nut gave birth to the five children:

Osiris was born on the first day, Horus on the second, six on the third, who made a wound in the belly of nut, ISIS on the fourth, who loved her brother Osiris while still in her mother's womb and Nepet (Neftis) on the fifth, And a loud sound at the birth of Osiris was heard around the world, a voice saying: the Lord of the whole earth was born!

Another version is that a well-known man named pamelis, carrying water from the temple of RA in Thebes, heard a voice ordering him to announce the birth of the greatest and best King Osiris and he carried out this as ordered.

Osiris was crowned king of the world(Egypt), and immediately after taking over, he freed the Egyptians from harsh life, taught them Agriculture, regulated the laws and floated the country to give the place its civilization, the heart of "six" ignited hatred and jealousy, so he killed Osiris and threw his body into the Nile River, Osiris was then twenty-eight years old, and when ISIS learned the news, she began her journey in search of him, and after a long search trip, ISIS but St finds him, rips up the body, and scatters its fragments all over Egypt.ISIS collected the pieces of her husband, and she turns into a tooth Bird and embraces her husband and gets pregnant from him with the soul and gives birth to Horus, who grows up and avenges the death of his father from his uncle.

Osiris thus conquers the kingdom of the other world (the kingdom of the West) and becomes the hope of every Egyptian to obtain his destiny in the other world.

The mutton confirms the fact that during the twelve hours of the day and the twelve hours of the night there was a guard for both of them, so the body was guarded by a night guard and a day Guard to avoid any harm or evil to the body. The secret drama consisted of twenty-four scenes, with a scene for each hour of the day, and the scenes begin in the first hours of the night (that is, at six o'clock on our current calculations) and end in the last hour of the day the next day (that is, the raw hour according to our current calculations)

These scenes were gradually moving towards restoring the life of the god Osiris, and they consisted of reviving the grandfather by pouring water and lighting incense to expel any evils, restoring the body by placing each organ of the body in its place integrated with the rest of the organs, then treating it with magical tools, then cleansing the flesh and performing magical rituals to summon the spirit.

After that, the ritual of the rebirth of Osiris comes in both plant and animal images, and in the animal image, the cows are slaughtered and their skins are taken as shrouds or "leather cradles" through which the God is born as a son of Mother Nut, the goddess of Heaven, who is depicted in the form of a cow.

And the rite of rebirth is the only known rite in the early early ages and is associated with ISIS and Osiris, but we find it revolves around Osiris and is limited to him, and as we have seen in the more recent eras of the Old Kingdom that this rite is referred to as the lesser mysteries, and the lesser mysteries is a doctrine ISIS!

The great mysteries or secrets of Osiris are associated with the symbolic image of the wheat plant, and because of the agricultural nature of the drama that tells the story of Osiris, which is represented in sais...After finding the grandfather of Osiris, he was recreated or reborn in the form of a wheat plant.

The myth or symbolism of Osiris was the basis for understanding the nature of the God, understanding his creation, understanding the fact that he is a human being and that human flesh is his flesh and this verified his unity with the wheat spike.

But considering the great mysteries, we find that they are not limited to the material aspect only, the main significance in them is that God is the one who created and created the body and soul, these mysteries have, as in the Christian religion, which says the holy unity, recognition and understanding that there is a spiritual bread that has a greater and higher impact than the earthly bread, that is the bread of the soul, and this alone was the basic idea underlying the great mysteries in Egypt.


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