The Beatnik Sun by Sushant Thapa

Book Review of Sayani Mukherjee's "The Sun among the Clouds"


Sayani Mukherjee in her second book of poems entitled "The Sun among the Clouds," published in February 2024 by Authorspress, New Delhi, India evokes a sense of carefully wrapped up art. Her poems flow spontaneously taking new turns and the entire landscape is illuminating. Sayani Mukherjee has "My aching music and symphony of lost leaden islands." The quote includes the desire to recollect the lost and cultivating waves of emotions.


Sayani Mukherjee's beggar has "thorny musings" which is like considering a view point of a lowly being and letting it rise "till it reaches the poppy field high." Diving into the unconsciousness is portrayed well. The high poppy field is a ground for unconsciousness because it drugs the mind, and Sayani is using the phrase for some significant purpose. As Virginia Woolf says in her speech "Professions for Women" that women should kill the Angel in the House who speaks of the mentality of male conventionality and be able to express her views properly in an unconscious and free manner. Sayani has surely found a room of her own as a woman in her spontaneous flowering poems.


After the "thorny musing" of a beggar comes another poem titled "Musing" which has religious undertones. Religion is an allegory here and the poet is searching for her path as a devotion and salvation. May she be blessed with her newly built musing and may the path lead her to the prophet song. In conviction Sayani writes, and that is like reading a prayer being evoked. To quote a few lines from the poem musing: 


My path rained a thousand

Prophet song

Devotees of choir of

Newly built musing. (Musing)


Poet Sayani Mukherjee doesn’t lack accurate metaphors in her poems. She says: "My mind's a ribbon blue." Her delicacy as a poet will last long with "ivy lead open" mind. May the ribbons untie and like the mind may it keep revealing.


Sayani has her beatnik smile and she champions her stance as a poet. She has a keen sense of self-expression which forms a garden of worldview. It is a window of exploration for us as a reader.


The Sun finally shows

Its name today

Is Silence. (Silence)


When the poet is learning about how, when, what and is, her silence is growing among moisture and pain with her marked signatures. Her signaturesare a sign of permanence. The sun is alsoalready a sign of universal permanence, and its name is silence in the poem. This poem titled "Silence" seems pessimistic, but it has light among its clouds. 


Sayani Mukherjee's poems have abstracts that perfectly fit the picture. She offers aesthetic and delicate touch. She will surely reach every reader's sentiment. Language needs to convey and beautify, especially when it comes to poetry. 


My May still hold onto

My bouquet of roses

I pine for. (May)


In the above poem titled "May" the poet seeks permanence in the longing of the bouquet of roses. Roses are symbols of the very season. This is a larger picture connotation and coinage. "Rose" representing the month of "May" adds fragrance to this collection. The poet is pining for both the bouquet of Roses and the month of May. The longing is re-doubled. A true poetic clock of desire has emerged and is successfully conveyed to the readers. May Sayani keep pining for her bouquet of roses and I wish her "May" as a month to still hold onto for some more verses from her in her next collection. Readers shall also pine for her next poetry collection. My best wishes.


Bio of the Reviewer: Reviewer Sushant Thapa holds an M.A. in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He is a lecturer of English Poetry, Literature and Business Communication in Biratnagar, Nepal with 5 Poetry books published and is recipient of three literary awards.



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