The Social Call to Divinity by Sushant Thapa

The masked idol

Reveals your true faith

If you persist your belief

Still when the idol

Lies buried in the ground.

Your god is the better pang

Of the universe;

You gradually become

The drop of contentment

In the storm of disbelief,

With the life you admire

The more you choose it.

The healing pangs

Of the universe

Is a mystery trance;

When you enter

You get mesmerized.

You need the click of the mind

To be wakeful

Where the scent of the universe

Kisses your ordeal.

Expanding your growth

An ocean is a droplet and

A droplet is the ocean

When perceptions shake your

Waking buds of spring.

Freely a buzzing bee

Brings nectar to its home

And looks out of the window

Facing a garden.

Wonder bell rings

Like rain of melancholy

Tuning the mood

To some jolly groove of survival.

Rain brings the dance home,

When the honey trickles

Like dopamine drops

Causing modern surges

Of memories.

Universe is a playful verse

Roaming like a free chariot,

Just some divine touch

In a personal shrine

Washes the pain

Of the hobby-eyed creator,

Habitual to delights of pain

For a large intellect.

The social call is your definition

Of the pragmatic jar

With riddles

Opening the cork of faith.

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