Three poems by Sinead Mcguigan

The Power of Ra

A beam of light pressed through my lids

Curtains thin, fabric worn

Summer sun bright, intent on inviting the morn

I moan, as if in pain, not sleep

I drift away, deep deep beneath

Away from the golden disc

The flow of conscious thoughts delayed

The shining reality, a hawk uncaged

Take me into the circling clouds 

The wheel in the sky drives us wild

Your lips journey to my skin

Tattoo symbolic dreams within 

We press our bodies in the dark

Tasting the beauty of the divine

The full moon eclipsed 

The power of Ra shines,

Giving us second sight

The skies intoxicated with romance

Reign with colours of universal energy

A galaxy for all the senses

Our bodies aflame burn intensely 

A mystical place of love and fantasy

Where beauty lies in amorous cries

I stay asleep to keep you close

Those all seeing eyes, swooping down

My muse breathing in rapturous air 

We press into the void of us

Wings carry us into 

The flame of eternal desire 

The Veil

You want me to stay hidden from the world

A world that appears in glints of grey 

I carry these flowers laden in glorious seeds

Free floating hands, filled with miracle dreams 

Not bound or rooted in earthly endurance 

Open palms serving serenity and peace 

You want me to stay hidden behind 

these four walls

Waiting trembling, clawing the grey of the night 

I dig my fingers searching for stems

To stay visible free,my basic human right

Not bound to terror of despicable nights 

Not hidden under a cloak of shattered dreams

I pray that my religion embraces and blooms

Not spitting on or mourning the woman in me

I pray that my religion illuminates all

Not burying my heart with unwritten laws

I scatter petals of truth for all woman to see

The flourishing beauty in our time of need 

I sew mouths together burning in hate to 

Stop angry judgements whispering decay

I pour flowers of peace calming the fire 

Burning on war torn tongues

Soothing mouths suffocated by conflict, 

Not pelting women with sharp cutting stones 

I hold garnets outstretched to guide our way

Not fear and dissonance consuming our days

I scatter petals of colour weave strings of smiles Not crying in anguish or isolated in fear 

behind a veil of lies

I am a woman born to be free

sewing wounds of strife for the unseen 

I am a woman who speaks out

for the voiceless who grieve

I am a woman fighting back 

Behind a veil of lies 

I am a woman 

Forever free


I’m searching for reasons

Wrapped in fruiting spurs

Hands entwined in loss

The balance hanging in 

Stiff twining twigs

Bulging with tension

Death shadowing limbs

Waiting for ascension 

Hoping for answers

A harmonious touch

The chase for the human heart

Beating the rhythm of life

I won’t fall to dust or

Let the rusty soil fill my throat

I won’t ignore my grave but 

Fill my chamber with poetry

You smooth petals on my skin 

Inhaling the sweet fragrance of me

I wait for your relentless fingers

To bring me back to life

Sinead Mcguigan, a poet and psychology graduate from University College Dublin Ireland writes poetry that explores the human condition and the deepest emotions connected to experience. Sinead wrote her first solo collection A Gift and a Curse while recovering from cancer; her new book Unbound is also available on Amazon. Sineads main interests are travel concerts and art. She often collaborates with 

artists and have appeared alongside their work in many publications. You can find her work @sineadmcgpoetry on Instagram and Facebook

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