I Am Not Barren by Shafkat Aziz Hajam

I am not barren.

My fecundity has not dwindled yet.

Enough as before to bring forth blossoms of all sorts and I do.

Alas ! Frequent invasions of atrocious autumn

Debilitates their potency to bloom in full

To show my greatness in their daintiness and redolence

That would once captivate aves from overseas

To warble in praise of my nature.

O God! Free me from this brutish autumn,

Can’t endure it any more.

To glitter with my flair

Let clement spring reign over me.

Shafkat Aziz Hajam is a poet from India kashmir. He is the author of two children poetry books titled as The cuckoo’s voice and the canary’s Voice. His poems have appeared in international magazines and anthologies like Wheel song anthology UK based, Prodigy, digital literary magazine USA , PLOTS CREATIVES online literary magazine USA, Inner Child Press International USA, AZAHAR anthology Spain, SAARC anthology, Litlight literary magazine Pakistan etc. He has also written more than hundred funny limericks for children and adults’ poetry book titled as “The Unknown Wounded Heart”.

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