I, My Mind and My Body by Sankha Sen

When I watched the gloomy sky 

Through the hospital window 

I realized that suddenly 

I was divided into three identities 

I, my mind and my body

My awareness lived within my existence

Got affected  by the worries and anxieties of my mind

My body kept its support as long as it can

Pain and uneasiness seperated it with me and my mind

Hoped to unite all three

To get me back in form and shape

Where I belong, for whom I am important?

Decided my fate and destiny

We all plan based on past, but He plans all based on past, present and future

Good times and Bad times are like cycles … They keep on coming in regular intervals

Never to get overwhelmed with all good things and successes. These are all temporary. Nothing belongs to us….

We are lucky to witness success in our lifetimes … 

The healing of body and mind happens in different speeds….

I and my awareness waits for the synchronization of my body and mind

To take a life is the worst mockery which God offers our souls…

If given a choice a soul should not take births or rebirths unless our souls have a purpose to solve

From childhood we struggle for a settled life but ultimately we realize nothing is settled

Why to take a life if it will end, it’s better to be in a permanently nonexistent state with divinity. Life is full of miseries because of Maya.

If we are born to know our real self unless that we might know we need to reborn…

Which means we are prone to enter the cycles of Maya and prone to miseries … 

What can cause the ultimate freedom of a soul ? 

The requirement to attain Moksha is unknown to our consciousness …While we live, we are handicapped for the entire life….

Integration with the ultimate Truth should be our prime effort….

Science is bound within individual identities, individual speculations supported by proof.

The ultimate truth can only be realized cannot be proven…

Science is not the ultimate truth……

It’s  impossible to reach the ultimate truth without self realization

Lower Consciousnesses is limited within individual identities and free will….

might be biologically proven…

They might have a unproved theory like science of evolution…

But the ultimate truth is pure realization, can’t be proven….

It’s the highest consciousness! the Ultimate truth!

Very few people can attain that…

It’s universally connected with divinity!

Speculation keeps us perplexed, whatever time we have, engaging in daily chores of life. 

Ignorance helps and living in present helps. 

Our ultimate effort to synchronize me, my mind and my health should continue

Living with Hope and Happiness, our immediate temporary purpose to live

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