Extended Wonder by Sushant Thapa

There is a symphony

That plays inside a mind of wonder.

Vision is spectacular

When you have dreams buried

 In your chest.

My mind evaluates your gratitude,

From the mind

The gratitude trickles down

Like honey

And melts in my heart.

How openly I want to embrace

The beauty that is still

Remaining in the world,

For every dawn

I want to invite a tranquil dusk,

Let my habit guide my passion.

Come to the wonderful

Session on expressing yourself,

I want to listen to your side

Of the story,

Be my imagination

I will glide you

To the destination

Of inner discovery,

Nothing is not permanent,

Every moment is alive

Like one feather

In the green parrot's body.

The feather trusts the sky,

It helps in the gliding symphony,

How the bird is free, I wonder.

These simple blessings

Like a vagabond raindrop

Committing crime of touch

With its first wet touch

On a dry beloved's body.

Life is like light

Which is the inner cosmos

Of existence.

I might be blinded with ambitions

But Life is like an extended

Open arms to the concrete


The invited dawn

Isn't it a measure of man's beginning?

Every new morning

A new beginning seep

In the tiny hut of wonder.

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