Defiant Youth by Priyanka Banerjee

The instinctive urge of menstrual blood creates a new universe –

The pool of cold, white water  gives birth to new life.

Fossils caressed by fluids breed vibrant zealous moments of defiant youth.

Jasmine in brown hair, 


Of passions are engraved upon the shrinking body of the waiting bride.

Neon light kindles up fire of love within the dried up souls of Egyptian mummies,

Emerging as vaporous myth in the world of luminous space, darkest corridors,

Fragrant flesh.

Pyramids of hope and  thighs !

Wake up from the moments of imposed imprisonment of souls.

Swimming mermaids gobble up  apples

from the forbidden tree !

Necromancy of dubious lips  in the garden of Eden!

Pearls hide the repressed, sacred, savage  source of golden light.

They still fight 

For touching the  coldest fingers of the sinking mermaids,

Oblivious of the heat of land –

Violet veils drop from the hidden paradise of  the snow capped hills.

Mysteries of  storm  are explored  in the blue Dale.

Composed vibrations negate love –

Waves of light touch the glittering eyes of the daring, passionate tribe,

Waiting for a dust storm, a rain forest, a deluge –

A deserted desert’s thirst for Cleopatra’s eyes.

Entangled limbs give birth to a spider’s web.

The burdened womb subverts love’s massacre.

Mermaids love to  drink nectar from the dazzling eyes of Psyche,

Waiting for  Cupid with venomous lips

And unfolded breasts –

Tonight,  let love  triumph over the tyrant’s paradise.

Tonight, let youth defy the starry space of  doomed  rise.

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