The Reach by Priyanka Banerjee

Each and every sky has its own celestial limit –

Nails and bites

Can’t measure up the vibrant, zealous mind,

Though lovers wait for the fragmented paradise –

Tides know how eloquence determines the rise.

Between thighs stream of blood defy the lies.

wildest dreams ponder over the game of dice,

That the sky plays with her boldest eyes !

Black nights patiently wait for the empowered bride.

Solace creates days of intense pride,

Nights of strifes !

Stoney path leads saints towards the world’s last gorge,

Where rebels fight for infinite justice !

Water bursts out with dignified silence!

Evaporated sweat feels the swan’s lustful instincts.

Progress is an art of collapsing


Continents merge after internalizing violence.

Love squeezes out joy from death’s womb.

Shadows burn up shadows, yet tired souls triumph over the horizon’s shrieks.

Let me feel the vibrations of metamorphosed love!

Let me know how quiverings triumph over your wildest shows.

Let me defy the blind wanderer’s mad cravings

for my skin, lips and toes!

Let’s see what lies beyond death and life,

Where lovers kiss,

Yet tremble not –

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