Two poems by Ranjit Sahu

The scarlet rose

Twisting its dew drenched body in the air

Hailing the glory of a heart in  love

Each petal unwinds  fragrance in its flair

Scattering the joys bestowed  from above

Cast not  on this beauty an evil eye

Arousing the blood flowing  in the hearts

Reignites lost passions intense and high 

Letting loose cupids lovely little darts

Each breeze that touches it velvety skin

Trembles with a thousand amorous notes

Raising the songs of the bees sweet yet thin

Over the butterfly that deftly floats

Say thanks and  celebrate  being alive

Each moment as  lovers that you survive

A Midnight lover

Awakening in an unknown dream land

Merging into an effortless embrace

Intensely clasping my  hand with his  hand

Deluges me in comforts and solace

Not bothered  by the words of dissents  loud

Indifferent to  men  that disapprove

Gazing into the dark sky filled with clouds

Hidden  fear  from my mind he removes

Touching my body with unbridled passions

Lying close on salty  sands by the  sea

On to the waves he spills his compassion

Vividly in their wetness drenching me 

Each night that he knocks on my sleepy eyes

Regales me with his virtue and vice

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