The Magic of Words by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“A writer breathes life to every word he weaves. Everything comes alive through the magic of words.” -Author Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

“The Magic of Words”
By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

We all have different histories. Each person has a story to tell and if you dig deep enough, you’ll discover that none of the stories can ever be boring even if you weaved the story just from the way a person looked. Even the mere existence of a person tells the story of two other people. Out of one single story, Universes are created, dreams come into reality.

It has been said that it doesn’t matter what you write, but how you execute the story and give it life. The magic of words will breathe life to it. Being a writer, we write these stories and transform the inert knowledge into felt awareness.

Anyone can write. The difficulty is in finding and crystallising that perfect moment that makes our hearts skip a beat and see gray reality. The world is vast, chaotic, and painfully beautiful in its ugliness and splendor, and we writers are people who try to find order in that chaos to produce something our minds can finally recognize.

And writing is by no means an easy process…it’s a challenge of choosing details, filling gaps, welding fact and fiction, getting what is in one’s mind “out there”, accurately arguing boundaries, knowing when to stop.

The final product is the kind of beauty borne in the rush of experience, in the realization of something new, in the appreciation of flawed humanity.

That is the magic of words. Thoughts and experiences, dreams and imagination set in motion in a melodious rhythm.

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