Two poems by Ranjit Sahu

1. Moods of Spring
Love blooms each spring
In the colors and fragrance of roses
Each day begins with a light in the moods
And with a light each day closes
While bees hide and deal 
With Winter washing the world white
Passions seeps into thorny frame
And fill in that lovely light
It catches the warm sunshine
And spreads again the message of love
I could be blamed for prejudice
But will hold spring always above:
I hold though no grudge in my heart
For the other seasons for any reason
It is love and only love in spring
When Playing dead is with life a treason.
2. Spring's song in the garden
The apple blossoms were abuzz
As were the pear and the cherry.
It was spring singing the songs
Dancing around the garden making merry
Lovely were the butterflies
Escaping their cocoons colored
Fluttering among the beebalms
Hardwork of the gardener they honored.
The song birds floated tunes
From the boughs of the trees tall
They fell not tired announcing
The arrival of spring for all
The silence of the dead rock
That got colored with a green strong.
Still conveyed in its muted voice
The prevalence of Spring’s love song.

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