The Peace Snatched Place by Haroon Rashid

(A Dedication to every place on Earth which is suffering)

Many asked me to write

A poem on this peaceful place

I don’t have that vision and the sight

where resides weapon and its fear 

majority of the time security remains tight 

that even continues to many months a year 

ignorant persons from here to there to everywhere

think what is happening is right and take it light 

can’t they see many innocents having tear.

Suffering here is every profession 

from students, teachers, police, army to politician

doctors, engineers, lawyers to even administration

There is stagnation, brutality and insanity 

nothing degrading ever seen in humanity.

we have heard since ages it’s soulful place on Earth 

now it seems like a crime to have this place as birth 

I don’t have anything better to tell 

as it’s becoming like hell

seeing this every day in my heart I often cry

yes with deaths of innocents everyday I also die.

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