I invite you to be sincere… by Rahim Karim

How sincere we were once,

Do you remember those transparent moments?

Verses about humanity

Remember to drink handfuls of water?

And now we’re just like dust,

Is that why we can’t live without a mask?

We are covered in the virus from head to toe,

We still can not get rid of this vice?

I invite you to be sincere,

Cleanliness, honesty, humanity.

Go, let’s go to those clear times,

To the gardens that have lost their honor.

We are thirsty – our hearts are thirsty,

Where is the clear water, the spring?

You are different today, different, people,

Where are the pure moments?

Allow me, dear people,

Let me take you to sincerity…

Rahim Karim (Karimov) – Uzbek-Russian-Kyrgyz Soviet poet, writer, publicist, translator (b. 1960, Osh, Kyrgyzstan). Graduated from the Moscow Literary Institute named after A.M. Gorky (1986, seminar of Yegor Isaev, Vladimir Milkov).

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