Deplatformed Foreign Policy Review

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Our recent Foreign Policy Review show Thursday (7/14/2022) which discussed a range of topics including the James Webb telescope among other things was recently removed from YouTube as being against their community standards. The policy we violated, they say, is that we made a spurious claim that the 2020 election was stolen. The actual statement made was not that there was fraud– but that the mainstream media influenced the election, and in that sense it was stolen. A cogent argument from one of our co-hosts who does not sympathize with Trump at all and even stated that. His sympathies are with the working class and we had a heated exchange in which he offered his opinion that the propaganda machine we are up against was set against Trump from the beginning and that Trump was the minority amongst the elite class who wanted to steer the country his way– we made it clear that we don’t sympathize with Trump, but that we were offering a critical analysis of current events. YouTube removes the show. We have appealed the decision.

You decide. Are social media censors becoming too bold? Did we go too far in our claim? They accused us of “misinformation.” Opinions now count as misinformation? Did Billy Bob make false claims or was it his opinion that mainstream media is too influential that was upsetting?

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