Seeking concrete solutions to alleviate suffering in the world

  • The challenges proposed by the RRM3 Cultural Movement for a European and global renewal in the light of the recent repercussions caused by climate change and the war in Ukraine.

It seems that humanity, despite technological advances, feels more and more alone and defenseless in this world in constant metamorphosis, devastated by wars, climate change, famines and increasingly aggressive and lethal viruses.

Starting from the historical matrix of Europe, multi-versatile cradle of the arts, which from the Italian Renaissance began the glorious path for a cultural and artistic renewal, the socio-cultural movement RRM3 – RENAISSANCE RENAISSANCE – Millennium III of which Prof. *George Onsy (Egypt) is president and founder, intends to start a second Renaissance not only from a cultural and pacifist point of view, but also from research in every area of ​​human knowledge with particular regard to the post-pandemic crisis and the repercussions of the war on hunger in the world due to the shortage of wheat. The African continent appears to be the most affected at present with consequent possible repercussions on migration to Europe.

But what is the spirit from which Prof. George Onsy starts? What is your ambitious project that is involving researchers, poets, artists, writers from all over the world? Stemming from the common Mediterranean cultural roots, Prof. Onsy’s project is trying to tackle the great structural issues of a complex society like ours, especially in these frantic days in the throes of a war conflict in the heart of Europe itself.

The Ukrainian crisis calls upon the whole world and in particular Europe which appears unprepared to face the serious Russian-Ukrainian conflict in a cohesive manner. Europe seems to be wavering between opposing economic interests, thus showing all its weakness, and globalization seems to falter under the pressures of three conflicting powers: America, China, Russia.

Therefore, to move towards the healing of our sick world, also from an economic (post-pandemic) and climatic point of view, the message of Prof. George Onsy with his constantly growing group of volunteers, and intellectuals from all over the world , has decided to deploy the following tools:

1. Economical

2. Environmental

3. Geopolitics

4. Social

5. Technological

Below I present the team and the aims of the Research that RRM3 aims at. Much depends on each of us and on our commitment as we are part of a complex and interactive system. I think that a pincer maneuver must be implemented: from the bottom up, to urge the political class elected by the people, and from the top down to implement those reforms necessary to safeguard the climate, environment, sustainability, economic development, with all the means at our disposal at the present time. This is a necessary challenge to heal our sick planet to be a healthy and hospitable place for future generations.

Here is the proposed work plan, of which the final post highlights the aims and areas of research:


  • Coordinators: Dr. Ekram Elghazaly (Egypt) and Dr. Arch. Franca Colozzo (Italy), in collaboration with the GPLT Team – Dr. Nikki De Pina (UK).

RRM3 is not only an international cultural organization that continually gives birth to new genres of literature and art, but it is also a beating heart that continues to send urgently needed healing messages to our suffering world through its 5 channels / levels:

1- SPIRITUAL, to unify all humanity under the banner of Love for our ONE Creator who wants us to be ONE, stopping all forms of religious intolerance.

2- CULTURAL / INTELLECTUAL, to create a constructive dialogue between all the races and cultures of our time and between our time and the past to learn from its immortal pioneers.

3- FRATERNAL / HUMANITARIAN to raise and disseminate campaigns against all crisis issues, in favor of human rights and needs, including the anti-war conflict resolution campaigns that we continue to launch through more than 30 translations by the best poets of the world.

4- ANALYTICAL, seeking effective and lasting solutions for the world’s most complicated challenges in all research areas.

5- DEVELOPMENT, to offer proposals for sustainable development projects for a better life to all countries / communities in need, as well as following the implementation of these projects.

Therefore, welcome to join RRM3 to share our work, I invite you to subscribe to our RRM3 YouTube channel in order to receive all the new pacifist and humanitarian messages:

* George Onsy-Egypt: Founder-president of RRM3, Professor at The Egyptian-Russian University in Cairo, Thinker, Poet, Artist, Researcher on Peace Science, and Advisor/Ambassador for many International Cultural Organizations that work for world peace and development.


Coordinadores: Dr. Ekram Elghazaly – Egipto & Dr. Arch. FRANCA COLOZZO – Italia y en cooperación con: Equipo GPLT – Dra. Nikki De Pina – Reino Unido.

RRM3 no es solo una organización cultural internacional que continuamente genera nuevos géneros de literatura y arte, sino que también es un corazón vivo que continúa enviando mensajes de sanación a nuestro mundo que sufre a través de sus 5 canales/niveles que se necesitan con urgencia:

1- ESPIRITUAL para unificar a toda la humanidad bajo la bandera de Amar a nuestro ÚNICO Hacedor que quiere que seamos UNO, deteniendo todas las formas de intolerancia religiosa.

2- CULTURAL/INTELECTUAL para crear un diálogo constructivo entre todas las razas y culturas de nuestro tiempo y entre nuestro tiempo y el pasado para aprender de sus inmortales pioneros.

3- FRATERNAL/HUMANITARIO para levantar y difundir campañas contra todos los temas de Crisis Humana, Derechos y Necesidades, incluyendo las Campañas de Resolución de Conflictos Contra la Guerra que continuamos lanzando en más de 30 traducciones que tenemos de los mejores poetas del Mundo.

4- ANALÍTICO para analizar, ofreciendo soluciones duraderas y efectivas para los desafíos más complicados del mundo en todas las áreas de investigación.

5- DESARROLLO para ofrecer propuestas de proyectos de Desarrollo Sostenible para una vida mejor a todos los países/comunidades necesitados, así como dar seguimiento a la implementación de dichos proyectos.

Bienvenido a unirse a RRM3 y compartir su trabajo, pero suscríbase a nuestro canal de YouTube de RRM3 para recibir todos los mensajes nuevos:

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