The Unsought Support by Diya Sinha

I still cherish the golden days,

When you were around in every case.

Mercy comes out from your smiling face,

When you look at me I feel safe.

You taught me to be good,

To have patience to gain fruit,

To behave well in every suit,

To support always; the truth.

You showed me the right path,

When I was yearning to depart. 

Remember ? My first day school,

When I was indeed a fool,

To dress myself in new suit,

You helped me to tie shoes.

When I entered into the gate

You forbade to be quiet in new state.

Remember? when Mom went,

You hold my hands to recoup my pain.

Remember? our morning walks,

When the surroundings were cool,

We disappeared in fog due to advanced foots.

Remember? my first day of job,

When I felt stopped; you pushed me off,

Remember? when James born,

You smiled and told “To be Friend is our goal .”

You taught me that true one always remains,

In every stop when life becomes hopeless.

So why did you go to God?

Why can’t you see my sob? 

I am asking you Dad.

How can I overcome the frights?

Without you I’m a body without spine!

I miss u dad! Please do Come!!

I want to live with my little son in your arms…

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