Sextets for War Victims

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      World Inker II

      A sextet is a group of six. You may write poems composed of six lines on the ongoing conflicts worldwide, including Ukraine and the Rohingya genocide among others. To start the conversation, I share my sextet.

      War Child

      we are unaware of our standing

      when your smile is silent,

      such silence is bitter as wormwood

      and deeper than dark woods.

      how can we save the spirit

      of your beauty without you?

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      Melissa Chappell

      Dustin, Thank you for this movini:g and poignant poem about which so many are forgetting or have already forgotten
      I love the title War Child as it demonstrates the tragic clash between innocence and the catastrophe that belongs to a not-so-innocent world.

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      The Donbas Conquest

      Toed away from blurry sky;
      To our kins, we bid goodbye
      As we left the white kolas
      On the soil of doomed Donbas…

      Dreadful rain and thunderstorms
      Weed away our wheat and corns…

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