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World Inkers staff are best known for exceptional professional handling of customers’ needs. We have team

Excellence Corporating and Academic Capabilities

World Inkers has a team of experienced corporate and academic staff with laudable track records and numerous career achievements.
You’re in the best hand for whatever service you ask our company to render to you.

Book Publishing

WIPP publishes books for academic and creative writers at a very low cost. We also publish creative writing anthologies, Quarterly World Inkers Magazines, and World Inkers Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technologies (WIJAST).

Research & Conference

In partnership with universities like Cheikh Anta Diop University in Senegal, we offer academic conferences and seminals for researchers, instructors and students.

ECommerce & Networking

World Inkers provided networking platforms for writers in academia and creative writers beyond educational system. Likewise, with and, we provide opportunities to buyers and sellers across the globe to meet and transact businesses with ease.

PR & Marketing

World Inkers also offers public relations and marketing services for small, medium and large businesses around the world.


Many Companys But Why Choose Us!

We are the only printing and publishing company on earth with the biggest heart for academic. and creative writers. We provide best ways to earn money and get rich from their publications with us. 


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Dustin Pickerin


Mutiu Olawuyi

Mutiu Olauyi


James Halt

Creative Director

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Art Director


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Digital Consultant

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