Golden Starlight of Soul by Dustin Pickering

for a friend

Divine from those eyes the intense ornament,

Ravishing glances that beautify the angles of vision—

From such the birth of gems, the cave of forlorn light.

And the primrose signifies delight, communion with innocence:

You are surrounded with the night as the bright fathoms contextualize

The delicate yearnings sleeping within.


Naked starlight against the sharp black of distance,

Your magical helm offers the sea of my gargoyle flight

The whispers of beauty, and O! the final kiss of waters,

As again I sleep this dream of passing comes to me.

Your assay of charm kindles soft ignorance

From the brain brightened with sails of reason.


When I reach for my book and glasses,

I will consider your deep, teary eyes

And recall my pleasures in teachings of the taught.

A word is a wound from the captivity faced in aloneness—

Do know you are loved, loved, loved.

Love is the wound and you cannot be silenced from silence itself.


Goodness is yet to come… the tortured premise is ore to gladness.

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