Book Cover: Words of Gratitude
Editions:Paperback: $ 12.00
Pages: 69

Troy Camplin writes verses to remind readers of the importance of deep levels of gratitude in daily living. This collection is divided in personal as well as political sphere of living. Learn why we should be grateful and what things we should express gratitude for in our everyday lives.


Creating the Real

"You're just not living in reality."
In what reality? In whose? The real
That others make, or one that makes me free,
Creator of the world. The things you feel
Create reality for you, and mine
For me, to make the real emerge between
Us, be it terrible or be it fine.
To see the world in gratitude and hope—
To see it in resentment and in fear—
The one you choose is how you choose to cope,
It's how you see and taste and feel and hear.
Within the real, there's taking and there's giving—
You choose the human life that you are living.