Book Cover: Thoughts from the Jungle Paperback

The world was once a jungle (that is, a land without borders), and it will finally one day again become a jungle.... Findings have shown that people who live in the jungle preciously preserve their cultural norms and values, and consequently live a better harmonious life – compare to people of the urban, where manipulation is the order of the day.... The author of this book was brought up in a society where culture is valued like a diamond: Yoruba land. It is a land where the proverb is seen as an everyday truism; perhaps, purposely to warn, to instruct and to admonish. However, the coming of Western culture and civilisation has greatly affected the originality of the people and the language (i.e. Yoruba). As Chinua Achebe would say: “Things are now (culturally) falling apart.” Hence, for the poet to at least contribute his part in the preservation and beautification of African culture as a whole, he decided to pen Thoughts from the Jungle.

Publisher: World Inkers Printing and Publishing