Book Cover: Go Forth! Poems 2011-22 by Damon Freed
Editions:Paperback: $ 22.00
ISBN: 979-8845897299
Pages: 537

“Refusal to acknowledge the boundaries set by convention is the source of frequent denunciations of objects of art as immoral. But one of the functions of art is precisely to sap the moralistic timidity that causes the mind to shy away from some materials and refuse to admit them into the clear and purifying light of perceptive consciousness.”

John Dewey, from Art as Experience, 1934

Go Forth! Poems 2011-22 is over 500 pages of Damon Freed's output from those years.


She had invited me to her apartment
in Manhattan where she lived with her
cat. A perfect accompaniment to her
personality and comedy, as her cat was
even ornerier than her. So I took the
train into that city, it was summer I think.
It’s been a while and the details are foggy,
but I do recall her confiding in me as to
her decision.

from "A Loving Farewell"



Hillbillies. I tell you. Hillbillies. Going to Taco Bell in the
A.M. to go get Freddy’s in the days. To tunes in the bars to
smoking outta cars. To sex in fields during days, to toys in
bars during nights. To fist-a-cuffs in bars, to fights with
walls in days to be in this town full of idiot youngsters.
Punksters. Punky-brewsters starting shit with the idiots!
Taking advantage of their ways.

Colleges and broads. Collection agencies and laws. Hard as
nails to studded walls in the daytime. Throwing punches of
love and sheetrocks your way in the days. Making paintings
in the days. Slathering on wet paint. Making you guys

To sounds of Presidents in the days. And angels from the
skies. Everyone lives and dies! And Politicians dance to
them. While up in ivory towers they live in. As do the
lowest of low living in the snows of time. Out there in the
cold, being as bold as them, making it with them, to the
sounds of times in rhymes by day and by night.

from "Ascend"